WiW Photography offers a broad range of the highest quality services. I mainly specialized in landscapes and nature, with a special focus on (urban) night photography. Have a look at the portfolio to get an impression of my work. Always feel free to inquire via the Contact form if you want more information.

A more complete overview of my photos can be viewed via the image archive of the Webshop



In addition to landscape and nature photography, WiW Photography offers its services to a wide variety of clients. From events till weddings and from architecture to concert photography, I can offer a solution for (almost) every assignment. The following photos give an impression of the possibilities.

wedding WiW PhotographyI regularly shoot weddings and academic thesis defenses. Althought WiW Photography is not a specialized wedding photographer, you are always free to inquire if you like the style. Contact me to get access to the wedding portfolio, which will give a broader overview of my wedding photos.
Concert WiW Photography JigWiW Photography originally started in concert photography. My experience ranges from photographing local bands to international artists. I offer all the skills and equipments that is required for the low-light conditions and changing lighting of a concert. In addition I am always in for some good music. Contact
Architecture WiW Photography ETH grand hallArchitectural and interior design often require both specialized equipment and advanced post-processing techniques. WiW Photography offers both and therefore delivers work of the highest standards. Depending on the nature of the assignment, photos will be delivered within 24 hours, with a maximum of 72 hours. Contact
location WiW Photography motorbikeSometimes a photo requires something special to stand out. Photoshoots on location offer the best possibility to work with realistic backgrounds, either in the open or indoors. Instead of being restricted by a studio environment, you decide where to shoot. The images will be delivered within 24 to 72 hours of the shoot. Contact



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